Daring to change

Change is the only constant in life.

Institutions that have the vision and courage to recognize the inevitability of change and to take the initiative for leading this change, are the only ones capable of continuing their success. During the success journey, we fail several times… therefore, continue to succeed, we should be able to cancel our previous successes before the inevitability of change takes over our entire potential.

And after more than 14 years of success

Human Soft was able to achieve a qualitative leap in the training industry at the regional level through New Horizons, Expression, and Human Soft Educational Solutions, and to recruit the national gulf manpower through a Tawteen company.

Human Soft responded to change during the last two years

Human Soft completed a self review and a comprehensive review of the variables in the region and the world. This review resulted in a new draft of the company's strategic goals and the restructuring of human resources and the re-design of action mechanisms to enable the company to simulate its self-growth and market and community changes.

Accordingly, Human Soft’s strategy for the next ten years

In addition to the training activity and localization of the Gulf cadres, the strategy is based on investing in the public and higher education field in the region with the insistence on a leading role that depends on research and development to make an influential qualitative leap in this sector.

is the above will be accompanied by a leading role with the different financing investment institutions in the region to activate educational economy and human development industry to make this an attractive alternative investment industry attracting available financial surpluses and providing appropriate funding for the promotion of human development industry in the region.

And finally ... if markets’ dynamism and the institutions’ growth stages impose the inevitability of change, we, in Human Soft. believe that our corporate values based on love and sincerity of our work... and for those we work for... are one of the constants of this change.

Fahad Al-Othman

Daring to walk against the current

The journey of Human Soft started in human development in the mid-nineties, when markets were calm. We achieved growth to the company and the activation of the training industry in the region and enabled hundreds of thousands of persons in Information Technology in Kuwait and millions in the region

When markets began to become more active and liquidity to flood, we did not consider this as economic popularity, because we did not see new jobs created and no real mentioned value added to the economy; rather, we considered that as an inflationary storm and flood of liquidity that brought the price obsession and overestimated expectations for investors. We also saw that this storm was impeding the true serious development that needs to be reasonable in the cost of real estates, capital assets, and other operational banks. The flood of liquidity let speculation and achieving quick profits replace the long-term quiet investment that needs patience, hard work and persistence on the accumulation and specialization of knowledge.

Therefore, our vision requires the inevitability of the destructive impact of this storm and the inevitable return of markets to normalcy at some point.

Accordingly, we’ve invested this time in organizing the house from the inside until the storm calms down and restructuring the company’s infrastructure and production lines to be more durable, more diverse and ready for further growth in a timely manner. The time has come, thanks to Almighty God, and we are ready for more power so the next five years are years of strategic growth and the achievement of the company’s strategic goal of being a global company that is active in the field of human development in the world.

The following are the company’s most important strategic achievements in the last period:

  • The company’s training sector was re-designed to set off a new vision and a new innovative package of training products that are compatible with the new needs of the market, as well as a maturity of the company’s knowledge and cumulative experience; these products will be introduced with the beginning of the new year.
  • Al-Arabia Educational Enterprises Company, specializing in higher and university education, was established. The company’s infrastructure was completed. Now it is launching the first and most important two projects in Kuwait, namely the American University of the Middle East and the American College of the Middle East with the technical and academic collaboration of the prestigious American Purdue University. These projects have begun work and production and began their first academic year at the beginning of this month with tangible success. Work is being done to open similar projects in the region in the coming years.
  • Human Soft Learning Company for Educational Projects, specializing in public education, was established. The company’s infrastructure was completed. The company managed a group of schools in the area.
  • The company completed the studies and licenses for the establishment of a giant consulting and investment entity in the State of Bahrain. It shall be specialized in the field of education and human development with strategic partners from the major institutions in the region.

Praise on everything to be for Allah, and praise for Allah on the vision and insight, and praise for Allah that his blessings include our business which we pledge to Allah and to the people that in the midst of search for rewarding financial returns for our shareholders, they shall not be at the expense of achieving the real added value to the people and the economy; rather, this is our way and our strategy to maintain the sustainability of growth, success and sustainability of Allah’s blessing upon our business.

Fahad Al-Othman