About Fahad Al Othman

Fahad Al-Othman is a distinguished entrepreneur with a deep passion for continuous development of the individual and others and a unique understanding of how people and systems interrelate and perform within business organizations in today’s highly volatile market.

The Entrepreneur Path

Corporate Lending Professional at the Burgan Bank (Kuwait)

Mr. AlOthman’s profound understanding of business and the dynamics of new business ventures and business recovery is attributable to the early years of his career when he worked as a corporate lending professional at Burgan Bank (Kuwait), diagnosing and influencing all factors necessary for the success of those companies seeking financial support and advice. A remarkable achievement of Mr. AlOthman as a turn-around expert was the revitalization of a failing subsidiary of United Fisheries Company (Kuwait). As an expert in the field, Mr. AlOthman delivered lectures in Credit Analysis at the Institute of Banking Studies- Kuwait.

Founder of Al-Othman and Al-Sarraf Computer Services Company – 1991

Mr. AlOthman’s vision of IT and its strategic role in the development of the Middle East region began in early 1991 when he founded the Al-Othman and Al-Sarraf Computer Services (the company name has since changed). From its inception, this young and agile company grew aggressively in the highly competitive business of PC distributorship, until it succeeded in becoming the main distributor of branded PCs in the Kuwaiti market.

Founder of New Horizons Centers Network in Kuwait, UAE and Qatar - 1996

It was not until Mr. Al-Othman brought the US-based New Horizons Computer Learning Centers to the Middle East that he started to truly realize his dream of contributing to the transfer and maximization of technology across the entire Arab region. It is testament to his vision that the centers have significantly contributed to human resources development in IT, promoting computer literacy at a regional level, helping to enforce international professional certification as a recognized and respected mechanism to develop human resources, and effectively creating attractive and cost-effective career paths for computer novices who aspire to be IT professionals. New Horizons successfully partnered with globally renowned vendors including such market leaders as Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Java, Novell, HP, Citrix and Skill Soft, amongst others.

The success of these centers has earned both the organization and Mr. Al-Othman himself several international awards. Mr. Al-Othman was elected as a member of the New Horizons Franchise Advisory Council – a strategic planning board for the worldwide New Horizons network.

Indeed, Mr. AlOthman’s leadership was recognized and acknowledged by New Horizons USA in their ‘Circle of Excellence’ Award, presented to him both in 2000 and again in 2002.

Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HumanSoft Group - 2002

The success and sustained growth of the New Horizons Centers enabled Mr. Al Othman to establish the HumanSoft Group within six years of the first New Horizons Center opening in Kuwait. HumanSoft Holding listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 2005, as a shareholding company with a current market capitalization value of around US$120 million. HumanSoft’s mission is to deliver HR and IT solutions that enable individuals, organizations and economies to achieve their fullest potential in the current knowledge economies. It owns and manages several strategic business units (SBUs) with specialized missions that harmoniously integrate to achieve the overall aims and objectives of the holding company.

As HumanSoft’s founder, Mr. Al Othman received the International Quality Crown Award in the Golden Category given by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) in 2005. In 2006, Mr. Al-Othman also received the prestigious award of ‘Middle East CEO of the Year’ in the IT Awards Category, recognizing his ‘Excellent Contribution in Increasing Regional IT Awareness’.

Founder of the American University of the Middle East (AUM) and the American College of the Middle East (ACM) - 2003

Identifying the opportunity and potential created by the issuance of a law in Kuwait permitting the establishment of private higher education institutions, Mr. Al-Othman founded The American University of the Middle East (AUM) and The American College of the Middle East (ACM), with an aim of becoming a true icon of quality higher education and development in Kuwait and the wider GCC region. AUM strives to raise the service standards and to contribute to the establishment and continuous nourishment of key strategic industries through the development of well-rounded professionals and entrepreneurs in areas including Business, Engineering and Information Technology.

Operations at AUM and ACM commenced in October 2008.Today AUM and ACM are one of the premier institutions of higher education in Kuwait. These institutions reflect the philosophy of HUMANSOFT by providing the most engaging environment for student life through its world class campus with a focus on the holistic development of an individual. The student population for the university and college stands impressively at about 7,000 as a testament to the success of this vision.

Mr. Fahad Al Othman is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of both institutions.